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Total Positions = 6 (AM / DM / MANAGER)

CS Rank Holder = 2

CS 1 st Attempt = 1

CS Pursuing = 1

CS Social Media Compliance = 1

CS Product & Marketing = 1

Location : MUMBAI

Inform the candidate that she may not be fully occupied with secretarial job, hence we may utilize her for other work as well as per business requirement.

Critical Skills Required

  • Process analysis and evaluation skills, control oriented approach, eye for detail, team management, Proactive, Problem solving, ability to comprehend laws and regulations and give out guidance to the business and other internal customers, good communication skills for communication with team members/senior management/ regulators, ability to take a holistic view of the situation than an isolated approach, ability to set and monitor standards, ability to handle large volumes of work on ongoing basis.

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"consulting and client relationship management.”