Our Industry Expertise

One of the most common problems in the recruiting and HR industries today is a lack of understanding about the jobs they're trying to fill. A clear picture of what the job consists of is crucial for finding and sourcing top talent. After all, when recruiting, would you want to present hiring managers with a candidate who understands how to fill out a template, or with one who knows how to build his own? If you don't understand your industry, you might wind up making just that mistake.

Each industry has its own terms, specialties, and inscrutable acronyms, which is why it's so important for every recruiter to immerse and educate themselves in the industry they/them are recruiting for. Even if someone is recruiting for every type of job under the moon in any given day, it's more difficult, but still important to understand the industries they recruit for with regularity.

Sun Infosystems industry expertise makes a huge difference in recruiting — it helps you find top talent, and match those workers up with the right companies. After all, one of the greatest compliments a recruiter can get from a candidate is that they are impressed with the level of understanding of what they do. This complement means the talent will respect you for life and may even end up being a great ongoing pipeline for future referrals just like them.

Industries We Cater To

  • Information Technology/ITES
  • Investment Bank (US/JAPAN)
  • Banking & Finance & Mutual Fund & Insurance
  • Steel & Manufacturing Industries & Machine Tools
  • Embedded System Industry
  • Software Product Development

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